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Usability Testing: Why Aren’t We Doing It?

I was recently selected to speak at the SPSEMEA SharePoint Saturday. For the talk I wanted to talk about the often forgotten art of usability testing on SharePoint projects. All of the content is generic and applicable enough that you don’t have to be implementing SharePoint to get something from this presentation. The content is made to be applicable to any type of application implementation.


I made a video that was my actual presentation including going over all of the slides and analysis on the usability test. The presentation runs slightly over 50 minutes. You can also download the slides from the talk as well.

Usability Test

If you want to watch and think through the usability test in its entirety without my commentary you can view it through the site.

View Usability Test

Resources Mentioned in Presentation

Here are links to the various sites and applications I mention in the slides.

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