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New Blog Direction

As I stated earlier, I have recently changed jobs. I have also decided to close down Siolon as was known as a web design firm/blog. I have have been fortunate to learn so much about web content management from WordPress, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep two professional tracks running.

It was easy when I was working during the day as a designer to come home at night and do more design work. However, now I come home and study knowledge management, SharePoint, and enterprise content management. It’s a very different way of thinking, and I need to really focus in on that right now.

If you do want to stay subscribed, I will still topic about topics such as usability, UI design, and information architecture amongst other related topics. I’m still doing all those things just in a different capacity, with a specific product, and aimed for the enterprise.

Thanks for all the support!

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