SharePoint 2010 and XHTML Validation

I’m writing this and another post about doing development on the SharePoint user interface and the overall user experiences to display some of my disappointment with issues I thought would’ve been resolved in this upcoming version. Microsoft has said on record they are supporting browsers that are XHTML 1.0 compliant, and they haven’t said officially […]

User Experience Presentation

I was asked to give a presentation recently at the Cincinnati .NET User’s Group. I created a screencast of that presentation. Please bare with the editing, as I dove into the world of iMovie, and my UX was less than optimal. If you don’t have Quicktime you can view the presentation on Vimeo in Flash, […]

Brand SharePoint, and Let Me Help You Do It!

However you use the term “branding” (and some of us agree it is misused when applied to SharePoint) many companies still need to do it.  The problem often comes when we start a branding project we simply don’t know where to begin. My company, Mixon Consulting, asked me to write a curriculum on branding SharePoint […]