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Brand SharePoint, and Let Me Help You Do It!

However you use the term “branding” (and some of us agree it is misused when applied to SharePoint) many companies still need to do it.  The problem often comes when we start a branding project we simply don’t know where to begin.

My company, Mixon Consulting, asked me to write a curriculum on branding SharePoint with my extensive experience with user interface design.  Once I learned the details on how to use the SharePoint platform I was able to put together a curriculum that helps individuals through the painful process.  I’m please with the result, and I look forward to teaching it and help others with the task. Here is an overview of the curriculum:

  • Understand the SharePoint platform
  • Become acquainted with the differences between various SharePoint interfaces
  • See how Microsoft constructed a default interface and how to change it
  • Learn the common tasks SharePoint Designer can help you complete in the effort
  • Learn how to use technologies such as the data view and data form web parts
  • Utilize SharePoint web content management (WCM) features to deliver instant value to your organization
  • Create custom master pages, stylesheets, and pages

What Makes This Class Unique?

You might be wondering that after seeing the list above. After all, there are other training companies that provide the above in a curriculum.  There are, however, some serious differences that you’ll get from someone versed in user experience and web standards development.  Here are a few:

  • Use free and open source tools to understand an interface
  • Learn how to distill functional business requirements when doing design work
  • See how information architecture plays an important role in designing interfaces
  • Have the opportunity to converse with someone with nearly a decade of interaction and interface design
  • Get access to resources to help you in your branding effort
  • Learn how to find answers when you need them

If you want more information you can see the official marketing materials on Mixon’s site.

Register Today!

Registrations are being accepted today.  The first class will be on November 11th for three days, and it is $795. If you register by the 30th of this month you’ll get a $50 discount.  Here are links to register.

  1. November 11th – 13th
  2. December 10th – 12th


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