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A Quote On Typography

Every once in a while I see a quote on something that nails it. Jon Tangerine wrote recently on The Paragraph in Web Typography & Design, and he said a quote worth sharing and contemplating on. The only thing I did was fix two spelling errors.

“Good typography makes the canvas fit the meaning of the text, not the other way around. It paints pictures with form that enrich the meaning of the words with colour, texture and movement. It is illusive, subtle, and ambient. It’s the shirt that engages from a distance. The closer you get to it the better it seems, but it takes a moment of reflection to even realize why.”



  1. Hi, and thanks for the kind words! I think the “spelling errors” you refer to are British English spelling, rather than errors. Thanks for thinking the prose worthy of quoting. I appreciate it.

  2. Jon: Thanks for stopping by! Yes, you’re right on the difference of language.

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