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A New Blog and Published Articles

First of all, I want to mention a new project that I’m very excited about. For a while now I’ve wanted to create a separate blog, and the focus of that blog would be solely around the experience oddities that baffle us all in SharePoint. Here is a description from the “about” page:

SharePoint is an amazing tool that has almost endless possibilities, but it has some rough edges. Ask any SharePoint consultant, and they can easily go on at length about things in SharePoint that baffle them. This blog is about those baffling moments. The difference between good applications and great applications are details, and SharePoint is such a massive application (really it’s a platform which has a default interface and features) that many details get lost or are forgotten. This blog is about the interactions, information architectures, usability issues, and other experience decisions that I and the community find problematic with the application.

I will be accepting entries to the blog, and all that is outlined on the page linked above. Please let me know your thoughts, and if you are so inclined you can subscribe.

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Recent Articles

I recently did two articles for other SharePoint blogs. The first was for the Microsoft end-user blog Get the Point. I was contacted by them a couple of years ago, and I wrote some articles but lost touch with them. I decided to get back to contributing. I am really proud of the article, and I think it is an exhaustive look at the out-of-the-box functionality provided by the enterprise keywords column.

Demystifying the Enterprise Keywords Column

The second article was actually a sizable project I worked on with MVP Michal Pisarek, and it is posted on Nothing But SharePoint. The thrust of the article is to expose others to the analysis process necessary to craft successful SharePoint solutions. For the article we focused on search, but it is certainly a process that can apply to other areas of SharePoint implementations.

By far the best part of the entire process was getting to know Michal better and working with him. If you haven’t read his work, or interacted with him I suggest you do. It’s refreshing to work with someone with such a similar outlook on the technology and consulting.

Let’s Make Search Not Suck

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