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Upcoming Speaking Engagements

I have a couple speaking engagements upcoming that I wanted to point out if you would like to attend. Both of these events have a lot of good speakers and information so I would encourage your participation if you are able. I will, for both talks, make videos which will be reenactments of the presentations and posting them to this blog if you cannot attend.

SharePoint Saturday EMEA

The first presentation I will do will be for SharePoint Saturday EMEA which is an all online SharePoint Saturday that takes place on January 22nd. My talk is in the branding track. It will be titled: SharePoint and Usability Testing: Why Aren’t We Doing It? I will be covering the following items.

  • What usability testing is and isn’t.
  • Reasons why usability testing isn’t included on most SharePoint projects.
  • Reasons why it should be included.
  • I’ll be covering the methodology to creating and administering usability tests including a sample strategy.
  • I’m then going to show video of an actual usability test that I’ll record.

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The AIIM International Conference & Expo

The second talk I’ll be doing is for the AIIM Conference which takes place in D.C. March 21-24. My talk will be the 22nd from 2:40-3:20 P.M. The talk is entitled: Improve Usability and Deliver Robust User Experiences with Solid Information Architectures. While my title is full of buzz words I’ll be talking about the following issues.

  • Defining information architecture and methods to create information architectures properly.
  • Explain the relationship between effective information management and information architecture.
  • The thesis will be how proper information architectures can drastically improve the usability of applications.

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