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Summary of Recent Projects

I have been fortunate to complete a few projects of late. They both consisted of ports of design concepts to the WordPress platform. Both sides needed a powerful, semantic, web-based publishing system; and WordPress fulfilled all of their desires.

The Art of Capping

artofcapping.gifThe Art of Capping is a satirical blog that uses comics for their blogging medium. A few of the requirements specific to this project were:

  • A rating system for posts.
  • A “Youtube-like” effect for giving URLs to comics for embedding externally.
  • Customized title generation through PNG.
  • Optimized layout for maximum ad-revenue potential.

The webmaster of the website had the following to say of my work (requested to remain anonymous):

“Chris Poteet is a remarkable person to work with. He worked diligently on our WordPress blog development project and made sure to address the project requirements for a somewhat non-traditional implementation. Chris underestimated the scope of the project slightly, but he still completed the work in a most professional manner, taking care to keep us abreast of his progress and, most importantly, keeping us excited about the project. I have contracted many developers using all of the various sites on the Internet; Chris was by far one of the best experiences I’ve had, and I’d wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone in search of a solid, affordable developer. His tone and sensibility make him truly feel like part of the team, if only for a short time.”

Michael Cochrane L.L.B.

Michael CochraneI was approached to port an existing layout to the WordPress platform for Michael Cochrane who is a lawyer, author, and TV personality. A few of the requirements specific to this project were:

  • Conversion to 3 column layout with widgets.
  • Conversion of image-based navigation to text to improve SEO and scalability.
  • Restructuring existent content to semantic, well-structured markup.

Kate Morgan is the President of Podwise Social Media Inc. is the individual who sub-contracted me on this contract, and she had this to say of my work:

“I would highly recommend using Siolon and Chris Poteet for blog design, integration and customization. Not only did the end project exceed both my expectations and that of my client, but Chris was reliable, conscientious and creative.”

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