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Sometimes People Discourage Me

I got the best e-mail I’ve ever seen through this website recently. This is too good to be true. I just have to post the message and my response.

Name: Dr. Hillebrand

Message: Who are you people? What are you doing with a site on a domain that I own ( I demand that you remove it immediately or you will be hearing from my attorney, and I will contact that FBI. How dare you post your drivel on my domain. What is your explanation?

And now my reply:

Hey Dingbat,

Before you start making outlandish remarks perhaps you should pause and think. You’re using a WordPress theme I made and offered for free. I didn’t “post my drivel” on your site. In fact, I’m a little disheartened my theme is being used by a complete moron. Please be sure to elisten a little thing I call “reason” before hitting “send” next time.

The Drivel Poster

I now have a new douchebag tag.


  1. Wonder if he’ll respond or simply forward your email to the CIA

  2. Some people are just clueless. Sorry you had to deal with that.

  3. Timothy Hillebrand

    Chris, I assure you I have not used nor would I ever install your FREE drivel on my site. No wonder you have to give it away. It looks as if it were created by a retarded third grader. But it’s gone now and forgotten. If you didn’t do it, which apparently you didn’t, then I apologize. Wonder how it got there.

    • Obviously none of my explanations got through to you.

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