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SharePoint 2010 Wireframes

Another version of SharePoint is on us, and the need for the vital excercise of wireframes still exists. I created wireframes for MOSS, and now I have added new wireframes for 2010. If you search for SharePoint 2010 wireframes you’ll find a blog post, but those aren’t really true wireframes in the low-fidelity sense (they’re closer to full comps); and he’s not releasing them publicly anyway. I am a fan of very low-fidelity wireframes, and Visio is one of the better tools to do this in.

There are two wireframes: one is for a team site template, and the other is for My Sites. I did not create a publishing site one, because if you’re doing wireframe activities for a publishing site most likely you’re starting over on your interface. You can however use parts from the team site one when building it if you wish. The SharePoint Foundation and Server 2010 team sites are the same so you can use the same wireframe.

They are provided in a Visio format and PDF. I have created them in Visio 2010 and assume they will work in older versions of Visio; please let me know if they do not. I also once again made use of the (updated) GUUUI Visio stencil kit.

UPDATE: A commenter below has linked to some Balsamiq templates if you use that application.


  1. John

    This is exactly what I needed. Let me know where to send the money!! No, seriously this is what I have been searching for thanks for sharing.

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