Refractment Tutorial

I received so many great tutorials (especially, it’s about time I start to re-pay my debt. Here is a tutorial for an abstract “refract” effect.

1) Open a new image

2) Press “d” to reset colors, and go to Filter — Render — Clouds

Step 2

3) Filter — Render — Fibers. I used the following settings (you can change the randomization if you desire):

Step 3

Then you get:

Step 3

4) Filter — Distort — Polar Coordinates

Step 4

5) Filter — Sharpen — Sharpen

6) Filter — Distort — Ripple

Step 6

7) Change the color and saturation: Image — Adjustments — Hue/Saturation (Ctrl — U)

Step 7

8) I decide to add more variance, so I went to Image — Adjustments — Levels (Ctrl — L) and used the following settings:

Step 8


Voila! If you want, you can see a larger image.

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