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Top Ten WordPress Plugins

logo.gifThere are currently so many “top 10 lists,” but I’ve decided that I’m vain enough to add one more to the pile. These are the plugins that have made my experience with WordPress all the more enjoyable. These are the plugins that save me time, energy, and heartache. They are listed in no particular order.

1. FAlbum

FAlbum is one that has made my Flickr experience even better. I can now pull my Flickr pictures through their API and display in my own blog. It continues to be developed, and it nows has the ability to change titles and description on your own blog without having to go to Flickr! >>

2. WP-Contact Form

So long tedious CGI programming! This is one of the few plugins that makes it onto every one of my WordPress projects. With a simple interface in the admin section I can receive feedback confidentially. >>

3. Installer

This plugin has probably saved me the most time of any of these plugins. Instead of having to FTP all my plugins/themes now I can just upload through the admin page or even pop in the link to the file. It then installs and can activate after installation. >>

4. KG Archives Plugin

I remember looking everywhere for a good archives plugin, and I didn’t find it until this one. I then wanted some functionality so I e-mailed expecting no return, but Kates fixed it and put out a new version the next day (v. 2.8)! >>

5. Sideblog

I’m not done with Kates yet! He has also made the best sideblog plugin for WordPress. He has a new version that has a widget built into it! >>

6. Easy Admin Access

This plugin is the newest to the list (just installed today), and it has already made the list. I love the admin bar at the top of my blog, but I have been unable to find something for my other sites with WP installed. Problem solved. >>

7. Now Reading

I always wanted a list of books that I’m reading, planning on reading, and have read; and I didn’t find anything until this plugin. One of the most powerful plugins I’ve seen, and there is now an accompanying widget. >>

8. Scripturizer

Over on my main blog where I write about Christianity, I loved this plugin that changes bible references to hyperlinks. Simple yet effective and necessary. >>

9. Search Pages

WordPress still won’t build into their application the ability for the default search to go across posts and pages (only posts). This adds the ability for the search to include pages as well. He also has a plugin to search comments as well. >>

10. Google Sitemaps

This plugin is essential if you take being indexed by Google seriously. It creates an XML file that is parsed by the Google engine to improve visibility. >>



WordPress is a great product, but what makes it even better is the great community surrounding it. These plugins, and many more, help to make WordPress (I believe) the best open source product on the Internet. (PS. Be sure to check out the WordPress Plugins Database page which has done a lot for me.)

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