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PHP Navigation with XHTML/CSS

This file illustrates the way to include navigation dynamically to streamline your efficiency when updating your website. The code shows how to include navigation both with a text-based navigation and an image-based navigation. The code also includes a focus on XHTML and CSS compliance to W3C standards.

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  1. James

    (You may want to remove this comment after you have read it)
    As it turns out the script wasnt anything I was looking for (Different topic all together) however I would recommend including a php script example. Ive come straight here from hotscripts and if you have a demo anywhere else Ive bypassed it. You may find a better response. I like the way your meeting the W3C but “Transitional”? why not “strict”?
    Just some friendly words. Ignore me if you want =D

  2. @James: I’m not going to erase your message.  You’re right.  I wrote this a long, long time ago.  It really should be updated, but I’ve had no impetus to do so.  I would use a strict DOCTYPE now as well plus I never do navigation with images anymore.  That was sooo 2002!

  3. James

    Cool. Well at least the comments dont look bare anymore :p

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