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Have you ever updated your theme by replacing, or simply overwriting your old theme files? Well, when we edit themes we tend to add many custom styles that are supra-theme. Maybe there are styles for a plugin (such as my Post Information Plugin) that you want there regardless of what theme you have selected. Well, I have the fix for you.

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Activate
  3. Then your styles under Presentation » Persistent Styles.

I should warn you that the style sheet will be printed after your primary sheet. I would advise on only adding non theme dependent styles, because it will throw off your CSS inheritance.

Have fun!

30 thoughts on “Persistent Styles Plugin

  1. i don’t quite understand what to do with this. i’ve already made modifications to Sidebar.php, the Main Index Template, Single Page, and others. how do i use this?

  2. @Enid: This plugin is not for those pages. Here’s a scenario. Say you have a CSS style for some item in your sidebar, and you want it to remain regardless of what theme you’re using. You used to have to find those styles in the theme CSS and transport them over. Now you can “set it and forget it,” because the style sheet will be used regardless of what theme you have. Make sense?

  3. I am trying to implement this plugin with wpmu. that means some changes are needed, like:


    some other stuff needs to be changed, I’ll mail you the whole thing when ready, but meanwhile I need to figure out how to automatically create the persistent.css file in each users director :-) (the path I gave above)

    AND I am curious if there are security issues involved? Could the user introduce php or javascrip or anything else that could be dangerous? How does the file get parsed?


  4. Awesome! Please do send me whatever changes you come to. About automatically creating it…I’m not quite sure. Do you allow them in WPMU to edit the CSS?

    Drop me a line on the contact form, and we can work further on it.

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