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Brevity and the Blogger

I am guilty of one of the cardinal sins of effective blogging: excessively verbose entries. I spend all kinds of time doing research and checking and re-checking the content only to never receive any comments/feedback. I wonder: Why is no one interested in my writings?

Then I take a step back and realize how I myself read blogs. I don’t read as much as I scan. This is important for the blogger to remember when writing his own post. Remember that to effectively convey information in a digital medium that one needs to write with brevity.

Writing with brevity (that is, concise and to the point) is a skill that is not easy to accomplish. It takes a great deal of skill to express an idea in less words than more. Before you write your entry this to yourself: “How can I summarize my main points to the reader?” Use clear sections in your post to convey the flow of thought, and attempt to stay on the thesis and not go into the nether world of blog tangents.

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