WordPress Post Information Plugin

This is my first contribution to the WP community! It is a start, and I hope time permitting to advance the features in this plugin. This plugin aims to consolidate your post information into a collapsible panel (using jQuery) that can save space on your page.

You can see what it looks like below on this post, and you can test the interaction from the main page.


  1. Download, upload, activate.
  2. Add the following code somewhere in The Loop.
if (function_exists('postinfo')) {



  • Fixed word count when using the read more command (was giving word count for excerpt not post).


  • Added CSS sprite to reduce image flash.


  • Added JavaScript callback to designate graphically box can be minimized
  • Changed text for toggle to be more descriptive
  • Tweaked CSS


  • Altered link for comments on single post entries


  • Added graceful degradation for users without JS


  • Converted to jQuery from script.aculo.us (uses jQuery bundled with WordPress)
  • Added support for tags
  • Added extensive styling including the famous Fam Fam Silk Icons
  • Reorganized code


  • Initial release


I’ve noticed different styling results when using the function on single post pages and the loop on other pages. Be sure to test both for differences.

To Do

  1. Add an option page to choose the toggle effect and select information to be displayed. (Obselete)
  2. Add icons.
  3. Add ability to degrade for users w/o JS enabled.
  4. Clean up plugin code.