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Usability Review

Are you unsure of the whether or not your application is easy to use? How do you know if what you built can satisfy your users? Many people have these questions but don’t know where to find answers to them.

One of the quickest, most accurate, and most cost-efficient way to answer these types of questions is an expert review. In an expert review, I will evaluate your application, website, or other artifact around a set of usability guidelines to asses the quality of your application. Here are some examples:

  • Feedback – Does the application give me feedback when something goes wrong and prevents errors in the first place?
  • Consistency – Is the experience disjointed or easy to follow?
  • Content – Is the content quality high, and does it contribute to solving user problems and needs?

What Do I Get?

Experienced usability professionals are expensive, but this service is meant to greatly assist your team in a minimal amount of time and financial investment. For $500 I will spend one hour with your team understanding what the product is and how it is expected to work. I will then evaluate up to 5 pages or screens. You will then get a detailed report with issues, severity rankings, and finally suggested solutions.

What If I Need More?

No problem. If the complexity of your application necessitates more time, pages, or different review methods we can discuss those.

Why Should You Trust Me?

I (Chris Poteet) have been in the UX field for over a decade. I have worked in profit, non-profit, and government environments. I have also worked extensively on public websites, intranets, and other internal business applications.

Don’t take my word for it! Read my testimonials page or my recommendations on LinkedIn.

How Can We Get Started?

Fill out the form below and tell me about yourself and your situation. I will respond within 24 hours.