PHP Navigation with XHTML/CSS

This file illustrates the way to include navigation dynamically to streamline your efficiency when updating your website. The code shows how to include navigation both with a text-based navigation and an image-based navigation. The code also includes a focus on XHTML and CSS compliance to W3C standards. Download File

WordPress Customized Feature Post

I was first intrigued by the WordPress theme Squible to have one featured post on the front page with links to previous posts. I liked the implemenation, and Mr. Parlin did a good job working with an existing plugin. After changing themes on my main blog I decided that I wanted to implement that same […]

Ten Greatest Web Design Taboos

Every web designer has a top 10 list of things that piss them off in web design. I helped teach a class on introductory web design, and I constructed the following list to hopefully keep those students from making the same mistakes I did. 1. Be cognizant of other viewers and demographic. When we design […]