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Upcoming IA Webinars with MetaVis

I have been asked by MetaVis to do a couple of presentations on information architecture design considerations when doing SharePoint migrations. If you’re not familiar with MetaVis and are an information architect or power user I suggest you check them out. They provide robust tools for information architecture creation, classification and migration.

I will be presenting with newly crowned MVP Dave Coleman. My part of the presentations will the overview and conceptual, and then Dave will show how that is implemented using MetaVis. Below are details on both webinars.

“Moving From the Faithful File Share to SharePoint”

April 20, 2011, 2-3 PM (EST)

In this session we will look at a fictional migration scenario from a file share into SharePoint 2010. The focus of this will be a sample information architecture design process guided by company requirements. Through the combination of informed design decisions and thoughtful business analysis you can ensure the success of your SharePoint investment.

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“Don’t Upgrade Your Mess”

May 11, 2011, 2-3 PM (EST)

In this session we will look at sample migration from SharePoint Server 2007 to Server 2010. Included in the session will be items of consideration when upgrading your SharePoint environment including concerns such as the information architecture, information classification and security. Upgrades provide a great opportunity to optimize your SharePoint investment, and this session we will show you how.

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