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Introduction to SharePoint Views

I took part in a project called SharePoint 365. The aim of the project was to write a blog post about SharePoint every day for a year. For the site I decided to write an introduction to the topic of SharePoint views.  I completed it a while ago, and I don’t know why I have not posted this until now. Regardless, it should be a good tool for end-users, and if you write SharePoint training materials this would be a good inclusion. If you use it please be sure to cite this site and SharePoint 365 appropriately.

Even though this is done for SharePoint 2010 there is a lot of continuity between that version and 2013 (and even back to 2007).  Views are an absolutely fantastic tool, so it does not surprise me it remains largely untouched between the versions.  Down below is a link to the e-book and each individual post in the series.

Download e-book

Blog Posts


  1. Ellen van Aken

    Hi Chris, how timely! I was just about to finish a post on Views – but more from a design/end-user perspective. Your ebook nicely complements that, so I have incorporated it in my blog. Many thanks for making this available in such a nice format!
    Best regards,

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