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Digg River Gadget for iGoogle

I recently switched my home page from plain Google to iGoogle. I also switched from Bloglines to Google Reader. I have, in essence, bowed my knee to the Google machine!

When I was looking for a Digg gadget for my home page I couldn’t find anything I liked. I do like Digg River for browsing Digg with no-frills attached. So, I decided to create a quick gadget out of it and style it. For this you’ll need Firefox, the iGoogle home page, and the Stylish add-on.


  1. From your iGoogle home page go to “add stuff” in the upper right hand side.
  2. Click the “add feed or gadget” in the left sidebar, and paste the following URL.

  3. Then in your Stylish add-on go to “Write style” and “blank style” and paste the following code.
    @-moz-document domain("") {
    body {font: 10px verdana, sans-serif;}
    input[class="i"], a[href^="/link"] {display: inline;}
    a {font-size: 10px;}
    form p {font: 0 verdana; color: white; clear: both;}
    .copy {display: none;}

That’s it! Now you just login to the gadget with your Digg account, and you have a good gadget!

Digg River Gadget

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