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Business Casual WordPress Theme

Business Casual WordPress ThemeI have finished my first theme to release to the WordPress community. You can see a demo of it. Here are the specifications on it.

I also want to recognize the many themes that have influenced me including: Glued Ideas Subtle, Squible, Kubrick, and Unsleepable among others. They are all great designs! I also built this theme on the Basic WordPress theme template.

I also used the COM4T Fine Regular font in my header image if you wish to create your own. I would love to see anyone who does use the theme and how they use it.

Version History

1.1.3 – Series of revisions to submit to WordPress’ official theme repository.  Added gravatar support, images CSS classes, etc.

1.1 – Fixed comment layout, browser incompatibilities, and header.  Also added tags for WordPress 2.3.

1.0 – Initial release


  1. it would be nice i could get a preview/demo of the theme?

  2. Hi Chris,

    After spending a whole day looking for a nice wp template somehow I got to your page and I liked a lot your template. I am a freelance translator and I am setting up my website to introduce my services.

    After installing your template I noticed that for some reason on the first page the formatting is gone when I publish a post. Is there any solution to this or was this intended? You can check this at

  3. @Mindaugas: Do you mean that there are not posts under “Previous Posts” or the formatting on the posts page?

  4. James

    Hi there,

    I have been playing around with this theme but can’t seem to get it to show categories; neither on the home page, nor in the actual blog posts. (The same goes for blogroll, archives etc on the home page). Are all these features disabled? Thanks.

  5. @James: Can you show me the code you’re using?

  6. James

    the code? not too sure… all I do is load the theme in my wp-content/themes folder and then manage the everything using the wordpress dashboard. I’m no programmer… ;)

  7. @James: It is in the meta box on the single post page. If you want to add it elsewhere you’ll have to edit the PHP with a template tag.

  8. Any chance we can see the demo please?

  9. Siolon…

    A simple two-columns, widget-ready theme with a business casual style….

  10. David

    I too found Business Casual after much searching and was impressed w/ its simplicity. I too am a bit baffled by the PHP meta tags you reference. Could you show your code that includes the PHP tags so that the interface looks like the theme picture on the download page? (with the 4 categories at the top right side of the header)

    • @David: I’m a little confused on the question, but I think you’re referring to the navigation? Those are pages that are added dynamically when you create pages. Are you wanting categories up there?

  11. a

    The theme does not work under IE8.
    There is a gap between the page tabs and the page content

    • Thanks. I haven’t updated it in a while. If you want you can put this in the head of of the header.php file to make it render like IE 7.

      <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" />
  12. Drew

    Great theme, Chris. I wanted to let you know about a bug in version 1.1.3. WordPress was nagging me about updating this theme and I kept installing the update over and over yet it still told me I needed to update. The issue seemed to be the comment in the style.css file. “Theme Version: 1.1.3” was in the file. However, WordPress requires “Version: 1.1.3” syntax. I made this change in our install and it worked great.

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